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Child Foster Care Licensing

Tel: (320) 634-7755
Fax: (320) 634-0164
Email: Human Services
211 East Minnesota Avenue, Suite 200, Glenwood, MN 56334
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Child Foster Care application process:

  1. To begin the child foster care licensing process, complete and return the forms listed below. Forms are available from the Pope County website or on the links below. Please contact Sarah Boll, Licensor, if you have questions on filling out the forms or need additional forms.

    • Family Systems License Application. To be completed by applicant(s). (Please note that the last page must be notarized with a separate sheet for each applicant).

    • Minnesota Adoption and Foster Care Application. To be completed by applicant(s).

    • Individual Fact Sheets. To be completed by the applicant(s) and all household members 18 years of age and older. (Please note that all questions must be answered in a sentence format as NA or “none” cannot be accepted as answers).

    • Background Study: Each household member, 13 years of age and older, is required to obtain an Adam Walsh background study by the State of Minnesota. Please complete one form per person. Please complete the CFC/AFC/FADS BGS Data Collection Form and submit to Pope County Human Services with a copy of your photo ID. Background Study Form  Background Study Privacy Notice Once the agency has obtained a temporary license number for your family from the Department of Human Services, Pope County Human Services will enter your information into the Netstudy 2.0 background study system. Once your information is submitted, you will be contacted by this agency and provided the Fingerprint Authorization Form. You will have 14 days for all household members 18 years of age and older to complete your fingerprints at one of the local 3M Cogent stations. The fingerprint locations throughout Minnesota can be found at this link:

    • Notice of Privacy Practices. To be reviewed and signed by all household members receiving a background study.

  2. Fingerprints, Home Visits & Interviews:

  3. Pope County Human Services will process your Adam Walsh Background Study once received by this agency. You will also be contacted by the licensor to schedule a home visit to go through the home safety checklist (listed below) with you. For additional information review the single family dwelling, child, and adult foster care information sheet from the Minnesota State Department of Public Safety Fire Marshal (listed below). We will also conduct interviews with your family in order to get to know you and share further information about child foster care. This whole process is called a home study and is required by the Minnesota Foster Care Rule and the Department of Human Services.
  4. Completing the Application:

  5. To continue the process, complete all remaining forms discussed in the home visits and submit to the licensor.

    Remaining Forms:
  6. Complete the Required Training

  7. You will be required to complete 12 hours of training before you will be licensed. The training requirements will be explained during the home study process and home visits with your licensor. Your licensor will provide a Training Tracking Log to help you ensure that you are completing your required trainings.

    Required trainings:
    • SUID (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death)/AHT (Abusive Head Trauma) Training. Foster Parents who care for children under the age of five are required to have SUID/AHT Training. One option to complete the trainings is to log on to Child Care Aware. To receive credit for completing these two trainings a certificate must be obtained from the website and provided to your licensor for documentation.

    • Foster Parents who care for children under the age of nine are required to have a three hour training on Child Passenger Restraint Systems from a certified child passenger safety technician. Anyone transporting the foster child must have this training. A schedule of car seat training classes will be provided to the applicant once an application is made. This training must be updated every five years.

    • Foster Parents are required to have two hours of mental health training before becoming licensed. They are then required to have one of the 12 hours of ongoing training be mental health related.

    • Normalcy and Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standards Training must be taken by all new applicants. Please complete the quiz and return to the licensor. Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Website Information

    • Pope County Child Foster Care Orientation Manual. This can be requested from your licensor and will be explained at your home visit. Please complete the quiz at the end of each chapter and return to your licensor.

    Websites for training:

    The licensing process takes approximately four months depending on how quickly the necessary verifications are returned to our office. The agency shall forward its licensure recommendation to the commissioner within 20 working days after an application is completed.

    Please feel free to contact the Licensor, Sarah Boll, at 320.634.7781 or if you have any questions regarding Child Foster Care Licensing. Thank you for your interest in Child Foster Care!
Human Services Director
Nicole Names

Social Services Supervisor
Phyllis Reller

Child Support & Financial Assistance Supervisor
Paula Hoverud
(320) 634-7700 - Pope County Courthouse - 130 E. Minnesota Avenue - Glenwood, MN 56334
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