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Tel: (320) 634-7700
Fax: (320) 634-5712
130 East Minnesota Avenue, Glenwood, MN 56334

Services and Responsibilities

The Pope County Board of Commissioners determined that the affairs of County government and proper administration and management of County business would be best served by the appointment of a County Coordinator. Under the direction of the Coordinator, the department carries out the orders and policies of the County Board in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws and the accepted standards and practices of public administration.

Contributes to the fiscal responsibility of county government by assisting the County Board in preparing the annual budget and monitoring the budget throughout the year. Presents final budget and conducts Truth In Taxation hearings. Studies capital needs and resources and coordinate capital program planning and budgeting.

Represents the County Board before State Legislators, cities, school districts, and special interest groups. Acts as liaison with other governmental entities and serves as spokesperson on matters pertaining to the media.

Serves as a liaison between the County Board and County departments. Assists the Leadership Management Team (LMT) in matters of budget, purchasing, personnel and general government and advises on establishing and interpreting policies.

Acts as the chief labor negotiator for the County, interprets contracts, and administers collective bargaining agreements.

Serves as Clerk to the County Board and performs other duties as directed by the Board.

County Coordinator
Kersten Kappmeyer
(320) 634-7700 - Pope County Courthouse - 130 E. Minnesota Avenue - Glenwood, MN 56334
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