Board of Adjustment (BOA) / Planning Advisory Commission (PAC)

The Board of Adjustment (BOA) / Planning Advisory Commission (PAC) conducts monthly hearings to review a variety of land use issues including, variance applications, conditional use permit applications, subdivision proposals, rezoning requests, ordinance revisions, etc. Hearing dates can be found on the BOA/PAC calendar or see the link below.

The BOA has the exclusive power to order the issuance of variances. Whereas the PAC has the role of reviewing and referring the adoption of the county comprehensive plan, Conditional Use Permit applications, subdivision proposals and rezoning requests to the County Board of Commissioners.

Procedural information relating to virtual meetings

Until further notice, Board/Committee members will participate in the meetings remotely. Remotely includes both onsite and offsite locations.  At the start of the meeting, all present will announce their presence by name.  When speaking, each member will state their name before speaking. During the course of the meeting, all votes will be conducted by roll call.

Regarding public participation: For virtual meetings incorporating public participation, the County will post instructions in the meeting agenda as well as on the County’s website of how the public may access and participate remotely. Each meeting attendee is expected to adhere to a standard of respect and courtesy towards the committee members and County staff. The committee/board chair reserves the right to recognize members of the public during the meeting and, if necessary, mute or remove an attendee, or disable the attendee’s audio/visual functionality if an attendee fails to meet the basic meeting standards of courtesy and respect.  Such standards include but are not limited to waiting to be recognized by the chair, not interrupting another, and not yelling or harassing the chair, committee members, staff or other members of the public.

For application materials please refer to our Permits & Forms page.

To view the BOA/PAC calendar please follow the link below:

To view the BOA/PAC hearing minutes follow the links below: