Real Estate

The Pope County Recorder's office is the legal custodian for all land records affecting real estate property for the county, in compliance with Minnesota statutes. The Recorder/Registrar of Titles is responsible for the review, recording and archival preservation of hundreds of types of legal documents to protect the rights and interests of individuals and institutions. Examples of common documents include Deeds, Contracts, Mortgages, Satisfactions and many other documents that pertain to real estate property. Pope County does not offer legal advice or assistance in preparing documents. Questions should be directed to a legal representative or a practicing abstractor to assist in land transfers.

Property in Pope County is classified as two types of title, Abstract or Torrens. Land records date from 1870’s to the present.

There are two ways you can search our real estate records from the comfort of your office.  A monthly subscription is available, with five different service levels. These range from 0-250 minutes to an unlimited number of minutes of on-line computer time. The search engine is Laredo; if you are interested in a monthly contract, please feel free to contact us or download the Laredo Online Access Agreement for more information. The second search engine is called Tapestry. This is a pay-per-search service that does not require a subscription; everyone can use Tapestry.  The cost is $6.95 per search, and you will select "Pope County, MN" at

Please feel free to contact our office at 320.634.7840 with any questions concerning your real estate recordings.