***Our office can be contacted by phone or email as shown under Contact Us Information. *** Pope County Land and Resource Management is charged with administering land use policies and environmental programs in conformance with local ordinances, state statutes and federal laws. Policies and programs administered include: planning and zoning, community development, floodplain development (NFIP), solid waste management, water management planning activities, feedlot facilities, terrestrial invasive (weeds and pests), aquatic invasive species, riparian protection, subsurface septic treatment systems (SSTS), stormwater and erosion control, and the construction permitting program.
Contact Us Information
130 Minnesota Ave East
Suite 113
Fax: (320) 634-4062
David Green
Cameron, Shelley - Senior Administrative Associate
Bouwman, Barry - Ag Inspector / Feedlot Officer
Hanson, Ralph - Land Use Specialist
Hill, Jessica - Land Use Specialist
Green, David - Director

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