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Services and Responsibilities

Real Estate - Abstract Title
Abstract title property is the most common form of title found in the United States. An abstract of title is a condensed history of all deeds, mortgages and other documents relating to a particular piece of land, which affect the title.

All deeds, mortgages, satisfactions and other various documents are filed in the Recorder's Office. When property is sold or mortgaged the lending institution or new owner wants to be sure the title is clear. It is important to search the records to see how title is held and for any liens when completing any real estate transaction. An attorney or title insurance firm is hired to review the abstract. This is done by following the various lines of ownership from person to person and deed to deed over the years, matching mortgages with releases, etc.

Note: Please consult a legal advisor for assistance on types of forms, how to complete forms or for legal advice. Our staff cannot offer assistance in these areas.

The Recorder's Office operates under the Race Notice Law. This means the person who files first (documents are filed by the hour and minute), wins the race with any legal documents and establishes interest first. Before a document can be recorded, it must meet certain requirements per MN Statutes.

Without the work of the County Recorder in recording, safekeeping and organizing all of your real estate documents in a logical manner, it would be nearly impossible to purchase land and be assured of a clear title or to lend money with land as security.

Real Estate - Torrens Title
Torrens is a system for registration of land under which, upon the landowner's application, the court may direct the issuance of a certificate of title to the property. Any liens or encumbrances that have been recorded are referenced on the certificate. When ownership of the property changes, the old certificate of title will be cancelled and a new certificate will be issued in the name of the new owner. The Certificate of Title is kept in the office of the Registrar of Titles. In Minnesota, the County Recorder is also the Registrar of Titles under the Torrens System. Within the "Abstract System" an abstract is evidence of title. In the "Torrens System" the certificate of title is the title.

Vital Statistics
This includes birth, death, and marriage records. The Pope County Recorder's Office is able to process requests for certified copies of Births for the entire State of Minnesota for any birth occurring from 1935 to the present and for Deaths for the entire State of Minnesota for any death occurring from 1997 to the present. For births before 1935 and deaths prior to 1997 you will need to contact the county of birth/death. Anyone can purchase plain, non-certified copies of birth, death or marriage records but must prove "tangible interest" to obtain certified copies of birth or death records. If you need a certificate for someone born in another state, see the National Center for Health Statistics website for contact information.

Passports - The Auditor-Treasurer's office now serves as the Passport Acceptance Agent. This office does passport photos. A certified birth certificate is also required for a passport and can be issued by this office for births occurring in the State of Minnesota.

Other duties of the County Recorder include filing and permanent retention of Military Discharges, State and Federal Tax Liens, Bankruptcy proceedings, Notary Public commissions, and Ministerial credentials.

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