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About Tapestry

What records can I access?
IIn Pope County, the computerized tract of real estate documents and images begins November 1, 1987. Manual tract indexes are available from the late 1800's through December 31, 2003. As of January 1, 2004, the tract indexes are only available via electronic searching only. The manual index is considered the Official Tract Index up to December 31, 2003. The images are authentic reproductions of the actual document and the quality is reasonably good. However, certain colored inks on original documents do not reproduce well. Select other counties on the Tapestry list to find out about their available records.

What are the fees?
Costs are $6.95 per search (by party name, start date, legal description and more) and $1.00 per print image. Each search can gives up to 200 listings. Accounts may be set up using a major credit card.

Errors and Omissions:
This is a working index and may contain errors and omissions due to errors in the preparation of the original document or in the indexing. It is recommended to search several different ways for information, such as by both a "quick search" (party name), and an "advanced search", (combination of legal description and other pertinent information).

How do I set up my search?
As with any system, the searcher determines the best strategy for finding information. For more suggestions on how to search using Tapestry, see Search Tips below.

How can I access Tapestry?
Click TAPESTRY now.

Using Tapestry - Hints:

  • Be sure to select a county. If the desired Minnesota county is not on the list, contact that particular recorder/registrar of titles at to see if an alternative to Tapestry is offered.
  • Take care to set up each search accurately. Correct spelling of the last name is a must, and the entire first name does not have to be typed. If it is uncertain if the first name is Janet or Jane, just type JAN in the first name field. Do not include middle initials. If Tapestry is unable to perform the search, or if your search yields no records, it will indicate so and there is no charge.
  • Once a list of documents is generated, double click each listing and then select document details at no extra charge. If the desire is to view or print, double click each listing and select the desired document images. In Pope County, all document images are available if you have the document number, or the book and page number.
Who do I contact for more information on Tapestry?
For more information, email Pope County Recorder or call 320-634-7840
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