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Examiner's Review Process

All original documents requiring Approval and Certification Prior to Recording, as itemized on the Examiner's Document List, shall be first forwarded directly to the Pope County Examiner of Titles for approval prior to presenting for recording to the Registrar of Titles.

The Submitter shall forward all original documents directly to the Examiner, at the following address:

     James P. Peters
     Pope County Examiner of Titles
     460 Franklin St N Ste 100
     PO Box 313
     Glenwood MN 56334
     (320) 634-3778

Attach all recording fees to the original documents when forwarded to the Examiner, this will allow everything to arrive together to the Registrar'sOffice. Any fees related to the Examiner'sreview shall be paid directly to the Examiner of Titles. On the same date, the Submitter shall present a photocopy of all documents to the Registrar of Titles. This will allow the Registrar'soffice the ability to assist in the review process, if necessary.

The Examiner shall, within 10 days, complete the approval process or contact the Submitter with questions and/or concerns, or return the documents for correction or completion.

Once the approval process is complete, the Examiner shall forward all documents directly to the Registrar of Titles for recording.

Examiner's Document List

Examiner's Approval and Certification
Examiner's Approval and Certification is needed prior to Recording for all Title Transfers, including Mortgage (or other liens), Easements, Platting, etc., which involve any of the following:
  • Trust documents
  • Probate documents (PR's Deed or Decree)
  • Guardian or Conservator's Documents
  • Religious Corporation Documents
  • POA's and Affidavit by Attorney-in-Fact

Examiner's Directive
  • To alter names, marital status, state of incorporation, etc.
  • To transfer certificate to purchaser of tax title (if 10 years since filing of Auditor's Certificate of Forfeiture, sale or State Assignment Certification)
  • After vacation of street or alley - to add accruing portion to the certificate
  • Condo documents - CIC's type condos
  • To drop old documents which have expired by their terms or are outlawed by statute
  • After foreclosure by action
  • Plat corrections (RLS)
  • Where the Divorce Decree or Summary Real Estate Disposition Judgment is being used to transfer title
  • After eminent domain proceedings
  • To drop racial restrictions
  • Transfers, Affidavits of Survivorship, etc., related to Minnesota Statute 256B.15, or 514.980 - 514.985 (Medical Assistance Liens)
  • To drop easements or restrictions which may appear on the Certificate of Title, but do not affect the title shown on the Certificate
  • To transfer after repurchase of Auditor's Tax Sale

Proceedings Subsequent (District Court Action)
  • After cancellation of Contract for Deed
  • After mortgage foreclosure by advertisement
  • Tax title less than 10 years old
  • To reform the certificate of title or documents (to remove or add anything not specified under directive statutes)
  • To transfer title to buyer under Contract for Deed where contract is paid off, but no deed forthcoming
  • To determine boundaries
  • After Mechanic's Lien or judgment foreclosures
  • After a named corporation is dissolved and three years have passed or dissolution of any other entity shown as the registered owner
  • Lost deed or other instrument
  • To determine adverse claims
  • Any other change to the Certificate the Examiner doesn't feel comfortable in directing without a Court Hearing
  • Lost deed or other instrument when a copy is available

Items You May Wish to Discuss With the Examiner
  • Foreign notaries
  • Blanket or not well-defined easements
  • X by his/her mark
  • Appointment of corporate agent to sign documents
  • MERS
  • Whether to continue Divorce Decree on new Certificate (if lien)
  • Dropping old judgments, federal tax liens, Mechanic's Liens
  • Items expiring by their own terms (lease, options to purchase, etc.)
  • Foreign decrees
  • Alterations to documents
  • Date only on acknowledgment
  • Use of A.K.A.'s as grantors or grantees
  • Affidavit of Merger, Easement and subsequent property acquired by the same owner
  • Owner redemption from Mortgage or other Lien Foreclosure Sale
  • Registrar's correction document for clerical errors - only if it may adversely affect the interest of a party (See: 508.71(1a))
  • Appeal to Examiner from Registrar's rejection (See: 508.321)
  • Notices of Adverse Claim
  • Registered Land Surveys
  • Lot or Parcel Splits
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